CHNC Committees 



Miguel Angel Orellana , Chair

Committee Members: 

Madeleine Martir, Kathleen Taylor.

The Beautification Committee (BC) of the CHNC deals with specific issues that negatively impact the quality of life for the stakeholders by way of visual and actual physical improvements. The BC seeks to identify specific/discrete projects that will have a long term impact.

The Beautification Committee has partnered with the Hollywood Beautification Team, The Los Angeles Conservation Corp and is open to partnering with other community organizations.  The Committee seeks to identify specific/discrete projects that will have a long term impact in the Hollywood Community.

The Beautification Committee works on projects to eliminate graffiti, and bulky items on the parkways.

To educate property owners of their responsibility to maintain their property and to beautify the CHNC area, whether it be clean-ups, mural paints, tree plantings or other greening activities.

Traffic Calming & Street Improvements

Projects Include:
Two Community Gardens
Community Clean-ups
Clean-up at our local schools
Clean up projects focused on our parks
Sanitation on the streets and parkways
Aesthetics of buildings: Cleanliness day and night
Sanitation Station for Dog Waste Disposal



 Punam Gohel & Milagros Lizarraga Co-Chairs /

Committee Members:

Patrice McKenzie

The CHNC Outreach Committee is dedicated to ensuring that Council Stakeholders are informed about issues that affect their quality of life and community and to foster a dialog between the community, the Council and government officials.

Goals and Objectives:

To create an active and dynamic committee that serves the needs of the community and promotes the goals and objectives of CHNC

To create innovative strategies to attract and solicit participation from Stakeholders, which may include but are not limited to creation of flyers, postcards, pamphlets and other related materials, regularly scheduled e-blast to local government officials, Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Watch, Home Owners’ Association, BID’s and other local organizations as determined by the Committee

To work in coordination with other Council committees to better serve Council Stakeholders

To maintain a web site presence to disseminate information to Council Stakeholders and others interested in the Council

To participate in public events including coordination with other Neighborhood Councils




Irma Garate  and   Punam Gohel   Co-Chairs  –         

Committee Members: 

George Abrahams, Gilbert Mora, Michael Popwell and Kathleen Taylor

Mission Statement

In order to provide effective and consistent recommendations, the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council (CHNC) finds that the CHNC Planning, Land Use and Management (PLUM) Committee must:

  • Be fair and inclusive of all stakeholders, including residents, local businesses and all governmental agencies;
  • Provide a forum for all stakeholders to review and discuss various projects affecting local land use policies and development;
  • Support an environment that balances the needs residents and promotes a vibrant business community;
  • Develop solutions that serve all parties involved;
  • Establish a good reputation and maintain credibility with all governmental agencies and decision-makers, and
  • Provide a clear and consistent process for the review projects and recommendations to the CHNC Board.

PLUM Committee members pledge:

Be good listeners and allow all stakeholders to express their views and opinions;

Set aside personal agendas or prejudices, and

Look at all issues objectively, and on their own merits.


Marcy Olaechea & Kevin Hook, Co- Chairs   –

Committee Members:

The Public Safety Committee aims to develop greater community awareness of public health, safety and welfare issues affecting the Hollywood area, including but not limited to mental health, quality of life and emergency preparedness, through outreach, education and coordination with individuals, local organizations and public agencies.
The Chair of the CHNC PSC is responsible for providing committee reports to the CHNC Board on a regular basis.


Miguel Angel Orellana , Chair

Committee Members: 

Gilbert Mora



Peter Bammes & Kevin Hook, Co-Chairs –

Committee Members: 

Patrice MacKenzie.

The CHNC Beautification Public Safety, Outreach, Youth, Hollywood Nonsense and/or Communications Committees shall meet at such time and place as is decided by the members of the committee.

Membership on any of these Committees is open to all CHNC stakeholders.


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